2011 – December

December 2011 – Join us for a day of fun, food, give aways and a special ribbon cutting at 12:30 on December 2 at our retail location 102 S Center St Ste B in Sublimity, OR!


2011 – November

November 2011 – New Break the Chain Retail location about to be revealed!!


2011 – September

September 2011 – Join the list of sponsors who have already joined our ranks!


2011 – July

July 2011 – It’s not too late to catch the fever and be part of history in the making!


2011 -June

June 2011 – It’s not too late to catch the fever and be part of history in the making!


2011 – April

April 2011 – I woke to horrifying news of the devastating earthquake in Japan. Having had 4 exchange kids for a year each, I was overcome with panic. I hadn’t heard from them for awhile, and didn’t know if they were safe. Slowly I began to hear from them, and all were fine.

2011 -March 

March 2011 – My husband and I recently went on a well deserved vacation to Maui. I had every intention of doing nothing but acting like a tourist, and reading a trilogy on the beach. As we settled in for our much needed rest, it became apparent to me that though we were in paradise, not everyone on the island was in the same frame of mind.


2011 – February

February 2011 – As I sit and contemplate my life, I am reminded of another life that was taken from us way to soon. I have spent many hours wondering as I am sure some of you have, could I have stopped this from happening? Am I easy to talk to, did I miss a sign?


2011 – January

January 2011 – As 2010 comes to a close many of us are preparing our New Years Resolutions. Some of us want to start an exercise program, some want to quit smoking, others are working to get out of debt. While these are admirable goals let’s take a moment to look at what we have to give instead of what we have to give up.