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In our busy day to day lives we sometimes forget how important it is to reach out and give a hand up to others.  Awareness towards social issues is something we can all help with. We at Break the Chain have designed “Projects” that not only raise awareness but also have the “cool” factor.  We invite you to take a look at what we have done to date and get involved.

The Break the Chain Projects are made possible by people and businesses that want to work together and provide either in kind items or financial contributions to help build the projects.

It is by determination and the will to make a difference that we have partnered with like minded people to bring into the light, social issues that affect each of us either at home, work, or play. By combining our talents and skills we have been able to achieve amazing results.  We encourage you to lend your expertise, financial support, or in kind support to any of the Break the Chain projects.

For more information on the  Monster project or the Chevelle project, please contact:

Sponsor the Monster

Dear future partner,

Kids and adults alike love monster trucks, and race cars. What better way to reach thousands of people with a message of hope and change? We at Break the Chain Apparel and Break the Chain Racing plan to do just that. We have designed our Monster Truck body, and have built a Monster display truck. Your company has a unique opportunity to get on board with us and this powerful positive message.  We have incorporated social issues onto the truck itself and it has become a super hero for kids and adults.  The drivers of the monster are completely on board with our message and will be able to talk about what this monster stands for.

We at Break the Chain Apparel understand that in the world today it is challenging to keep positive role models.  That is why we have once again stepped out of the box to create and implement this grand undertaking. We would like your company to be part of history in the making.  The possibilities to reach kids and adults with this message of change and hope has become a visual monster.

To date Break the Chain Apparel has reached out nationwide with a clothing line that is edgy and cool that gives it’s wearers a voice against social issues like child abuse, domestic violence, addiction, bullying.  This Monster display truck will be one more way to identify what we need to address as a whole to better improve our world. We have been successful in our nationwide campaign with the apparel and we want to reach even more people in other venues. It is our dream to bring awareness to all social issues by crushing them with our Monster truck.

There are many opportunities for your business to be seen by thousands of people.  With the help of other Monster Truck owners we have run the Break the Chain Monster truck body at the Sublimity Harvest Festival the last 2 years and have won the competition both years.  As we get information on other events that the Monster truck may run in we will send you an email to update you and your company.

This is a unique opportunity at ground level to participate with us and to also let the public know that your company is behind the message. We also have a Miata racer, a Break the Chain cart racing team as well as a dirt track stock car,a V-8 Hot Saw, and a Blown Small Block Chevy S-10 drag truck. There is also opportunity with our “Racing to Break the Chain” team for sponsorships. Join us and become among the first to Make a Stand in partnership with Break the Chain Apparel and our national message of hope and change.

For more information regarding  Break the Chain Racing team sponsorships please contact Jim Burns at:


Tammi Burns