WHY Break the Chain?

We want to see people freed from their darkest struggles. Break the Chain® began to bring awareness to the issues and help people find the resources they need.

So many of us are living in shame and fear of what others might say if only they knew our shame, but people can’t support us if we don’t tell them our stories. 

Get people talking, support them as they share their stories, and start their journey to healing.

We get it, we’ve been there. Every story is different, unique, and important. We are here to speak to the difficult parts of life and LISTEN. Darkness cannot coexist with light. By opening the door to our hurting places, we let the light in and begin the process of healing.

Tammi Burns standing next to a dragster and truck with her dog on a sunny day

What We Do

We are here to reach people in their everyday. Whether you are on the racetrack or at school, we want to inspire you to speak out.

We raise the bar of awareness.

Violence, Abuse, and Addiction are NOT justifiable. We MUST take responsibility for our choices, and CHALLENGE others to take responsibility for theirs.

We can’t change the past, but we can change tomorrow.

It’s time to Break the Chain®.

Reach Out

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