These survivor stories are from people that are brave enough to share their experience with abuse and addiction and how they were able to Break the Chain®.

Tammi’s Story

My name is Tammi and I am here to make a difference!! I am a physical and verbal abuse survivor, and I AM going to change the world. Being a domestic violence survivor has had its many challenges. I have had to learn that I am a valuable person again and that not...

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Danielle’s Story

I, like many other women all over the country, was sexually abused as a child. I can remember it starting at 3 with being encouraged to engage in sexual behaviors with little boys in my neighborhood by my brothers, at 7 I was molested by my grandfather and as I got a...

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Melissa’s Story

I am a 37 year old mother of 4. and here is my story. I can remember it starting at age 7 by my brothers. I was the only girl with 3 brothers. I didn’t know better at the time. They would have one of them hold my hands above my head and take turns getting on top of...

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Story of Abuse

I always knew growing up that if I made the wrong move, said the wrong thing or did not please those around me that I would pay the consequences with pain. A spanking there, a slap here, words of degradation were what I thought was normal. How could I consider it...

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Carol’s Story

Tammi, I cannot thank you enough for giving me and other abuse victims the chance to speak out so others can see that they are not alone in this struggle. When I saw this shirt 2 days ago while searching for graphic's to help me build my profile on my AOL site...I...

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Laura’s Story

“Reign of Terror” My name is Laura Cowan, and this is my domestic violence story: Some of seven children and teenagers who were removed from their father’s Aguanga home were so deprived of food and nurturing that they looked half their age, a pediatrician testified...

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Ruth’s Story

When Tammi first asked to write my “story” I thought “yeah, sure…no problem…I’ll get to it sometime.” I didn’t really have a major issue with writing it, although I would have a couple of years ago. It’s only been in the past few years that I’ve really gotten...

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Trisha’s Story

I grew up with alcoholism in my family.  My father has been recovering now for the past 27 years.  I have many uncles and my grandfather on my dad's side of the family that are still drinking or are recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.  I always searched for my...

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Hillary’s Story

Hi my name is Hillary and I am a survivor of emotional and physical abused endured as a child by my father. I never really understood why my father treated me as he did and it wasn't just me either my older brother was tormented as well. I don't exactly remember when...

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Tiffany’s Story

My name is Tiffany & I am an ex-military wife & survivor of domestic violence. As a military wife, I lived 2,000 miles from my home & family. I gave up my career to live the military life. My husband had been wonderful prior to our marriage - hard-working,...

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