My name is Tiffany & I am an ex-military wife & survivor of domestic violence.

As a military wife, I lived 2,000 miles from my home & family. I gave up my career to live the military life. My husband had been wonderful prior to our marriage – hard-working, loving & a dream come true. Literally from the first week we were married, however, he started bursting out in violent rages, calling me horrible names & threatening to harm my daughter and I, & burn our belongings. Too embarrassed to go back home, I went for help & was told it was PTSD so I forgave what he did and committed to helping my husband heal.

It didn’t heal – It grew worse. Over the years, the more I accepted it, the more it escalated until finally, the violence grew physical and he began threatening to kill me. By the time I left, it was clear that he wasn’t suffering from PTSD – I was.

The guilt I felt for accepting abuse in my life was overwhelming. His power was in my silence. Speaking out, I am regaining my power and my life.

January 25, 2010